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13900K Overclocking with ASUS ROG Z790-H

Level 7


I have a 13900K cooled by a 360mm AIO. I currently also have an ASUS ROG Z790-H paired with 32 GB (16X2) G.Skill F5 DDR5 6400 Ram.

So I am not sure if this is normal behavior but by default P-Core #6 and #7 overclock to 5800 while P-Core 1-5 maxes out at 5500.

However if I overclock P-Core 0 and 1 in BIOS to 5800, the system becomes unstable, boots and loads to windows but applications just start crashing. Is there something funky with my 13900K where the primary cores are #6 and 7 instead of 0 and 1?


Super Moderator

Hi @sekinpetr P core frequency depends on the load and the assigned cores. Intel Turbo Boost will assign the "best cores" the CPU's maximum frequency. 
If you load up the CPU with high current all core workload such as Cinebench, you should see that in an all core workload the frequency on all cores is fixed.

Raising all cores to operate at 5800MHz may require additional tuning. You can try using Intel Velocity Boost 2+ Profile which will boost the all core frequency 200MHz if thermal margins allow, however, you will need to test stability.

13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090