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13900K on NH-D15 Please help me find the "sweet spot"

Level 7

I'm trying to hit the sweet spot in terms of: T° (heat), performance and noise.

In common benches (Cinebench R23, OCCT...) stock is too hot with a CPU package reaching 97°C, and the NH-D15 fans going full speed. I tried what some other sites and posts suggest (see and ) such as setting:

  • LLC to level 4
  • DC_LL to 1.02
  • AC_LL to 0.2

Others are apparently registering lower temps by using these settings and then gradually lowering AC_LL until the stable point. In my case, I observe zero difference in terms of T° (still reaching 90+°C), and what I find weirder is that the VCore is still as high...

My goal is to have ~80-85°C as max T°, as this is where the NH-D15 silently does its job.

Are there other BIOS settings I should be looking at ?


Level 7

I have a 13900K and a noctua D15 and use these settings:

  • LLC to level 4
  • DC_LL to 1.02
  • AC_LL to 0.15
  • Extreme power phase on
  • XMP2 memory 7200Mhz
    • Disable OC everything on Auto there. it runs PL1 253W and PL2 253W
    • I can run benchmark without any throttle.
    • When i play games the cpu hits 65-70c.

Level 7

Thanks for your reply.

Could you please tell what temp does your CPU reach in heavy benchmarks ? 

Because with the settings posted initially, I do see some form of weird throttling in CinebenchR23 single core: The core will go to 5.8 Ghz (good) and then drop to 0 (!?), back to 5.8 etc. Perhaps due to reaching power / thermal limit ?

Also, do you play games that are CPU intensive ? At what resolution (1080p, 1440p, 4K) ?

I am happy to help,

I think there is power throttling when 1 core throttles, i had the same issue before i set pl1 253w and pl2 253w.

I play games at 3440x1440, in heavy benchmarks it hits near 100c but the 13900k can run hot with no problems.