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10700k Maximus xii Hero

Level 7
So recently purchased this setup:

Intel 10700k
Noctua nh-d15 chromax
Maximus Xii Hero
Msi 2060 Super Gaming X
4x8gb Corsair 3200mhz

I have all the latest bios and drivers etc. been fiddling with all different ways to overclock the system
when i first got system cpu rating was i think on 63, but then after updating bios it jumped up to 69

I cannot figure out though why when on loaded optimized settings, and just changing to XMP for ram that under load tests and benchmarks my max Turbo stays on 800mhz - 4.7Ghz fluctuations

does not get any higher??

I can run the system on manual overclocks at 5.1Ghz but was hoping to figure out why its is doing this.
Am i limited due to thermals running Air cooled? the cooling rating jumps all over from like 155 and have seen as high as 172

any advice please.

Level 7
Are you saying that you are not seeing the marketed Turbo Boost 3.0 speed? Turbo Boost 3.0 is marketed for 10700k as boosting to 5.1GHz on single core applications only. I think it also boosts up to 4.9GHz on some two core operations?

Anywho. If you are trying to see that occur use a single core test application, maybe Cinebench R20 1T test or single core test. And also disable any other iQUE or overclocking application you have running on the desktop.

To monitor that the boost is occurring, you can use Intel XTU and it will record the maximum along with a graph to display when the boost occurs. You can also then export that data to a text file to plot on excel.

Hope this answers the question?