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Z97A - BIOS corrupt or MB EOL?

Level 7

Some time ago it started to happen that my MB Z97A would not boot again after going into sleep mode.
A bit later it would not boot at all.
Sometimes just after a day or so it booted then again.

When it did not boot only  CPU fan turned, no flashin leds, nu beeps, no chassis fans, no monitor signal, no HDD activity.

So I started experimenting, but I don't find any pattern:

It has already happened that I have removed all components and that the mother board then booted, but when I connected everything again it also booted.

When it does not boot, it also does not boot with the button on the motherboard itself and disconnecting the button on the computer case made no difference.

At the moment that it won't boot, I've already measured all the power supplies, but they are all OK.

It has also happened that it only wanted to boot up to the BIOS, but couldn't get out. So no matter what you did in the BIOS, it still stuck at the BIOS on startup.

Battery has also been changed, no effect.

It has also happened that it went past the BIOS, but found no OS or reported that a Windows file needed for booting was missing.

All very strange, but now I'm just typing this from my booted PC...

Once it boots up, it continues to work normally.

Anyone have any idea what could be going on...?