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Z97 vs. X99

Level 15
Anyone with any idea how these 2 will match up? Of course, there are no benchmarks yet, but I am wondering about waiting for x99 platform with a 5960x vs. the 4790k with a M7F. Early specs on the 5960x suggest 3.0GHz, so I am wondering about performance here. Multithreaded programs would take advantage of this chip, but I only have a couple of flight sims that I play that would not show any increased benefit over a 4770k or 4790k. Also, the cost of the x99 with new DDR4 memory is going to be an issue. The 5960x is expected to be at $1000 by itself, but the possibility of a Rampage V extreme is appealing.

We won't know for sure for a couple of months, so I wanted to know what everyone around here thought about this. Wait for X99, or go with 4790k and a M7F? The new Z97 motherboards look great. Thanks.
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