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Z97 Sabertooth Mark 1 - steadily rising temperature of USB3.1 area in Thermal Radar 2

Level 7
Hello everyone,

I've noticed while messing around with Thermal Radar 2 that the temperature in the "USB3.1" area of my motherboard is five to ten degrees hotter than the rest of the motherboard. It starts around 50 C and rises to 57 idling. After a few hours of non-overclocked gaming I check it and it is about 65 C.

Should I be worried? How can I cool it down if it is too high, and why the USB3.1 section of all places?

I have Define R5 case with a side intake fan, a back exhaust, and a huge H100i GT radiator installed with two intake fans in the front of the case. My CPU stays below 40 C with the H100I GT, and the rest of the motherboard (Vcore, Vcore back, etc.) stays around 40 C to 45 C.

Thanks for any help you can all provide.

Level 9
Hi Tractates,

Did you ever reinstall the USB 3.1 driver? Update to the latest?
Did you try putting a fan on USB? Any updates?