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Z87DD Post Problem

Level 9

My configuration is:

MSI Gaming N780 TF 3GD5/OC
GSkill F3-1866C9D-16GSR
Asus Z87 Deluxe Dual
CORSAIR AX series AX760 760W Platinum
Bios 1802

I have having problem will my memory dimm slots where memory will only work on Dimm_A2.

When i put memory in Dimm_A2 and Dimm_B2. Memtest86+ will freeze or give memory errors. I have gone through two different set of memory and I still get same problem. However memory when tested individually on Dimm_A2 slots passes memtest86+. I suspect its bad MB. Every time one of these freezes happen I have to manually restart the computer. After restarting the computer MB has problem posting. Only way to get it to post is to clear CMOS. I will try rolling back bios today and check. Also when testing individual memory on Dimm_B2 causes same symptoms.

Any help would be appreciated.

Level 9
Guess i am not the only one having this problem:

Does anyone know if intel C2 version is available with deluxe/dual?

PS: I RMA my board waiting on repair/exchange

Level 9
Just to post update my pins where damaged in packing/shipping/handling i will have to end up paying 90 bucks. Finger crossed on repairs.