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Z87 Sabertooth - Install assistant fans as outtake

Level 7

I'm currently installing my new Z87 Sabertooth motherboard. And I'm doubting how to install the assistant fans. I've read at some websites that there's supposed to be an install manual included in the retail box, specific for the installation of the assistant fans. But I don't have it in my box.

Now I'm puzzled whether or not it's a good idea to install the backpanel assistant fan as an outtake fan instead of intake. Because my PC stands under a desk, and I'm afraid an intake on the backpanel will suck in hot air from the back case outtake fan next to it. Does anyone have experience with installing the backpanel assistant fan as an outtake fan? Is it good option?


Level 8
I have a similar question, though am not lacking in documentation like the original poster above me. Is it okay to install both Assistant Fans to suck air from the bottom-right and blow it out top-left (Rear of case)?

I know the manual only says to place the Assistant Fans so that the fans propel air towards the lower front of the case, but that's just sucking hot air through the motherboard... (Computer case is designed to dump hot air out the back of the case, below the intake vents for the Assistant Fans).

To the original poster, you should at the very least have both fans facing the same way as each other. You don't want them blasting air at each other within the motherboard nor do you want them depriving the space between them of fresh air.

Also make sure you opened the vent slats near the CPU if you're using an air cooler for the CPU. The ASUS website has a large infographic on it here:
("Thermal Armor with Flow Valve", click the "Flow Valve" tab that is located in the top-right of the big picture here)
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Level 7
As i know normally backpanel fan is outtake .
Do it like this:
Down fan (if u have) intake.
Up fans need to outtake
Front fans need to intake and door fan intake too.

Good luck 🙂

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