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Z87-Pro only boots into Windows with "Hardware Fast Boot" enabled

Level 7
Edit: nevermind, wasn't the mobo's fault. One of my drives was dying and finally bit the bullet. I guess hardware fast boot was forcing it to boot up or something, not sure.

Level 40
All good mate sorry to hear you had a hardware death.
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

I found out the mobo killed it actually, crazy as that sounds. Tested another Spinpoint and had the same issue, but I saved the drive by removing it right afterwards because it takes a little while for it to brick the drive. Tested an old WD Raptor afterwards and it was fine, plus my SSD has been fine as well.

It's an issue with Spinpoints and Intel's newer chipsets. So it's not Asus' fault or anything. I didn't even know about this problem but there is a firmware you're supposed to apply beforehand. Maybe they should warn people that it can actually kill your drives if you don't apply it.

I know not many people have Spinpoints nowadays but I wish this information was more well known. The drive is now totally dead, tried it in another PC and even external enclosure, but it won't spin up anymore. Only saw a few forum posts while Googling about this happening. Had never heard of a chipset killing an hdd before, almost thought it was my power supply but Seasonic are quality. Weird stuff.