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Z87 Issues

Level 7
Have been having issues booting to Windows. Sometimes it doesn’t successfully load. Sometimes it displays output via GPU, other times via my i7. Every time I boot there’s a Windows icon with a spinning circle underneath it. Things used to work fine, something appears to be clearly wrong. I’ve also done a complete clean reinstall of Windows 10.

Lately I’ve been receiving the following error:

“The memory address is insufficient due to Intel Thunderbolt resource consumption. The onboard Thunderbolt is now disabled for better system resource allocation. Strongly suggest to press F1 to enter BIOS setup and manually disable unused I/O peripheral controllers. (Recommended items: SATA/LAN/Wi-Fi/Thunderbolt controller.) Press F1 to Run SETUP”

I did some googling and have seen that other people had similar issues. It seems a lot of people are suggesting updating the BIOS (Z87-DELUXE/DUAL) which I’ve never done, and I’ve owned this mobo since 2013. I know when it comes to BIOS updates they say don’t fix it unless it’s broken…and it seems broken.

So I’ve been trying to follow the instructions for the BIOS updater on this site:

And downloaded the BIOS updater version 2103 on:

I launch the BIOS updater tool and received a message saying “This tool is for BIOS updates to support new Intel 4th Gen Core Processors. Please Ensure that the Intel Management Engine Interface driver is properly installed before using this tool.

OK so then I downloaded and installed MEI_V11.0.0.1155_20150709_WHQL_1.5M to update the Intel Management driver. Went back to the BIOS updater and received the same error again even after installing the driver. I feel as though I’ve followed the instructions, but I also believe the instructions may be outdated.

I wanted to see if someone could provide some insight on where I’m going wrong? Should I flash opposed to an update? Do I go straight to the newest version? Any input is greatly appreciated