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[Z87] Asus Maximus VI Formula - Reboots and resets on cold boot

Level 7
Hey there! It's my first time here. I hope I can fix this little problem I'm having.

Since a week or two I've been having these reboots when I turn on my computer. What I see when it finally boots is the recovery screen, the one that shows info about the mobo/firmware manufacturer and at the bottom it says something like "press f1 to enter setup to recover settings". Could this be because of the cmos battery being drained? I'm not sure, but I don't remember any of my computers doing this when the battery was drained.

Could anyone confirm this? If it's not that, what can I do to find the problem? I tried reflashing the latest firmware in case it was infected.

Yesterday, my computer shut down two times while I was watching a movie, but it did boot by itself (like a hard reboot but it stayed off for 2-3 seconds or so). When it turned on, there was the recovery screen saying something about anti-surge prevented damage and blaming the psu for being faulty or something like that... Nothing was reset. My PSU is a seasonic platinum SS-1000XP, the power consumption rarely hits 30-40% of the capacity (when I play mostly, I have an asus rog strix rx 480 8gb). This computer is 3yo and I've never had a problem.

Today I cleaned up my computer, dismounted every piece, cleaning dust and reapplying thermal paste. I made sure everything was ok. When I turn it on, it did reboot and again reset the uefi settings. Everything points to a dead cmos battery.

Please confirm it. Thanks.