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Z87-A not passing POST, unless...

Level 7

Hey, so I have this rather old MB that served me great up until now. I recently installed Ubuntu on a SSD while having a MacOS catalina on other ssd ( booting with clover ). All went well until I wanted to switch back to booting to Macos. At the time I removed the ubuntu ssd from computer and tried to boot. Problem is it won't pass POST anymore. So tried pretty much everything I could think of: reset bios, remove all other hard drives but the one with the OS... no way to boot it. However at some point I booted with no HDD attached and so it went ok, managed to get into bios. Then added the SSD with Macos and it booted ok. On next restart or after shutdown, it all happens again ( which is the summery of my issue 😞

<< NO POST until I boot once with NO HDD and then it boots ONCE ONLY, right after, with HDD attached >>

Q: is my MB a dying one or there I'm missing?