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Z790-H Corsair 7200 ram stability problem

Level 7


I have just bought Z790-H mainboard and Corsair 4x16gb 7200hz rams. When i set on mainboard xmp my rams speed to 7200Hz i see some stability issues on windows. I dont have any problem with default speeds 5200Hz. Will there be any bios update to fix this 7200hz speed issue in the future? (I checked before buying the rams that they were on compatibility on mainboard site)

Kind regards



Hello hsendeniz

Doing a search, I see no Corsair memory kit that is 4x16GB 7200MT/s, only 2x16GB.

Therefore, you must be combining two memory kits. This configuration will likely be impossible to run at 7200MT/s no matter the bios version.

Also, it's not recommended to combine memory kits, my suggestion would be to return a memory kit or settle for a lower speed.


Hi Nate,

thank you for your quick response.Since the mainboard is supporting upto 192gb ram, it does not make sense to me to run it only 32gb 7200hz. Will there be any bios update in the future to fully support 64gb 7200hz with corsair rams? I dont wanna give back the ram kits. It would be nice to have support with 2 corsair kits with a bios update.

Kind regards,

Hi hsendeniz,

As Nate says, best return one of the kits or tune manually for a lower frequency. 7800MT in that density is not possible on this platform.

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Sorry to say, but it's not going to happen.

While the motherboard supports up to 192GB and up to 7800MHz, what you're doing is running two memory kits out of specification.