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z77 sabertooth and gskill ram issue...

Level 7
I got a 16g kit (f3-12800cl9q-16gbsr) thought it was the ram and got a new kit same issue. with two stick of ram in any slot the pc is fine and passes any burn in tests.with 3 or 4 dimms no post the red ram led on. used the ram led button no change. i know the ram not on the mb qal list ordered before the boards came out. wondering if any of the tester at asus have seen ram do that. I have the last bios update 1015. ram running at 1600 with the xmp profile of what there rated 9-9-9-9 at 1.5v.

Level 40
Could you download Memtest (ver 4.2) there is a USB version that I use and it is easy to work with.

Take all your ram out and start with one stick, place it is the lane furtherest away from the CPU.

Go into BIOS and set your voltages manually to the ram

Navigate to the DRAM timings and manually enter the ram timings and speed. (basically you are manually entering those key settings that the XMP will do)

F10 and enter.

F8 and select the USB stick as your boot device.

Two successful passes of memtest.

Repeat the Memtest with each stick of ram one at a time.

Once all sticks have passed test each of the slots on the motherboard with one of the working sticks of ram.

Then try with all populated.

Please report back how it goes 🙂
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

The mb is stable with two dimm at the rated xmp profile. in any slots..the mb slots are fine. they pass memtest and 24 hours of prime 95 with out any issues. right now two dims are under a very large entermax heat sink. slots a0 and b0 are empty. I used the memtest button with three dimm and it just stays red. pull out the dimm and the mb posts. i gone in and up the voltage to 1.65 and higher and tried again with one dimm. has the qa dept when they test ram do they sometimes see this error with dimms or is it that they will not post?? the ram i have is replacment new kit the other ram was brand new too from new egg.

Level 40
The ram kit you have bought were tested with the Z68 boards they were designed for and added to the GSkill QVL list - the Z77 boards no idea mate.

What you have not done is run memtest with one stick in each of the DIMM slots? Is that correct. Please try and do so. It may be that your board is defective, which is what I am trying to determine. 🙂
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

boards boos fine with any one or two dims in the slots. passes memtest and intel burn in any anything i toss at it. i reseated the cpu and check for any bent pins did not find any. as soon as i put third dimm in the mb tries to post but the red ram led comes on. as im from old school of pc building...if it works leave it alone. i get many years out of my pc with very little issues other then a dead drive or too. as the cpu and mb are fine with 8g of ram...more then i need im not a gamer. i just keep the other two dimms as spares. when this mb does have a real failure then i send it back in. i hope to have many good years with this a nice looking board. if you can pass back to the dev can they make the mb post faster between the old and new bios. winodws 8 on an sssd is so fast you can see it loading in the middle of your logo screen at boot.