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Z390 switching audio output doesn't work

Level 9

I have z390-i gaming switching to other audio output like from speakers to headphones and in opposite doesn't work!!! I uninstalled SS3 and all nahimic components since it can cause performance issues and is garbage... Previously it was working! Any idea how to make this work on standards Windows audio drivers, it used to work on them before too, it bugs out sometimes, when installing new drivers and doesn't work even on official ASUS drivers for my motherboard from ASUS download site! So it worked past on both Microsoft/ASUS drivers! Don't know why it doesn't work now! I deleted nahimic it has bad reputation and can cause performance issues, i don't want this garbage on my PC! How do I fix sound output tho? I want to use normal Microsoft drivers, but I can't now switch between 2 different sound outputs!!! When I switch from current I have no sound! Even changing other sound output to default doesnt give me sound on it!

Don't know what is the issue, headphones are connected to front jack and speakers to rear jack.

It is really annoying pls help!