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z390 nvme ssd encryption

Level 7
Hello, this series were released 1 month ago yet they still haven't fixed the more than 1 year old problem about supporting hardware encryption with nvme m2 ssds such as samsung 970 . It fails no matter if the drive is as boot or secondary .
From what i saw asrock,considered inferior to asus, fixed this problem with a bios update, what is asus waiting for? this ssds are getting more popular each day. Most modern asus motherbords have 2 slots for nvme ssd yet they don't fully support all the features of them.Can anyone from asus get word from their tehnicians if they plan to resolve this issue anytime soon for the new series? I always research everything when putting toghether a new pc but this really slipped my hands and feel like a fool for buying an incompatible motherboard with hw encryption.