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Z270H Gaming Strix - After Shutdown Windows 10, PC won't turn ON.

Level 7

I made a big upgrade in my PC this week.

Now I have
Asus Z270H Gaming Strix
I5 7600K
16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 3000Mhz Corsair LED
Nvidia GTX 970 Founders Edition

I made a full clean install of Windows 10 Pro. However,

I'm having a problem. When I shutdown my PC from Windows 10 and click on Power Button, my memory leds turn on, my GPU cooler and led turn on, but CPU coolers didnt start (I have a Corsair H45 Water Cooler) and the PC didnt starts. No Asus Rog Logo. Nothing.

Anyone know what's happening?

Sorry about my bad english.

Chino wrote:
What is your PSU's model?

Its a Corsair CX 750M

Also I'm using a SSD SanDisk 240gb & SATA 1TB HD

Chino wrote:
Try clearing your CMOS and test your system at stock defaults.

Updating the topic, I believe I found the problem.

First, I performed the 5-Way Optimization in AI Suit III according to your guide @chino.

Then, in BIOS, I disabled fast boot and activated ErP Ready on S5. (There were some tips that I found elsewhere).

Now I tried to shutdown by windows 10 and powerup the PC with the power button and everything worked normally.

Thanks in advance for your help!

I'll keep monitoring if everything will continue okay.