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Z270-K - Memory speed mis-reporting

Level 7

I'm running a Z270-K with latest 1207 BIOS.

Recently replaced 2x8GB Kingston Hyper-X 2400MHz DIMMs with a 32GB (2x16GB) TeamGroup 3000MHz kit - pn TLGD432G3000HC16CDC01. Installed in slots 2 and 4 without any issues, PC POSTS OK.

Am having an odd issue where memory is being reported as 2400MHz instead of 3000MHz, although XMP profile has set at 3000MHz:

"DRAM STATUS" screen in BIOS shows 2x 16GB DIMMs - "Team Group Inc. 16384MB 2400MHz"
"MEMORY" shows frequency of 3000MHz, Voltage 1.450V, Capacity 32768MB
"XMP" shows DDR4-3000 16-18-18-38-1.35V

I installed CPU-Z to check, and it has a similar mix of values:

"SPD" reports each slot containing DDR-2400 (1200MHz), but XMP-2998 of 1499MHz
"Memory" reports DRAM frequency of 1500MHz, FSB 1:30, 18-18-36, 525 clocks, 2T command rate

Memtest86 has run default tests with no errors. It reports the memory as "PC4-23900 DDR4 XMP 2998MHz".

What's going on here? Is the memory working correctly at 3000MHz? Anything I should be worried about?

Is the 1.45V a concern? When I overwrite in the BIOS to 1.35V, it defaults back to 1.45V on next boot.



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The memory tab on CPUZ should give you the active frequency.
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Thanks. Any idea why the BIOS doesn't recognise the correct speed for the DIMMs, or ways to fix?

Level 7

TeamGroup customer support have advised the memory's working as it should. Pretty garbled response (English was really poor), but they're advising the DIMMs are 2400MHz which are OC'd to 3000MHz by default - SPD therefore correctly reporting them as 2400MHz, but working at 3000MHz correctly per BIOS and CPU-Z.

Disabling the XMP profile and setting frequencies and voltages manually, have brought the memory voltage down from 1.45V to 1.35V.