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Z170 Deluxe Freezes

Level 7
I am getting very tired of the freezing issues with skylake. It seems that this problem is affecting almost all manufactures and it doesn't matter what motherboard / ram / ssd / gpu you have.
Everything works as usual the system even passes memtest / realbench / aida64 but on normal usage it just freezes even when only browsing the web completely random.

I have tried different power supplies ax1200i / ax850, different ssd 850 evo /840 pro, different gpus r9 390 / gtx 680 / gtx 560 / different ram corsair vengeance 2133mhz 2x8gb / gskill ripjaw 4 2133mhz, motherboards z170 deluxe / gigabyte z170-ud5 th.

Everything on stock (defaults) no overclocks I have tried to manually input ram timings, voltage and XMP profile. I have also tried manual voltages for the cpu, vccio, system agent and disabling c states on the asus motherboard z170 deluxe when the system freezes I get the 04 qcode.

Nothing works I dont know what else to do.

Level 7
Set power profil on high performance. For me it worked in idle (never freeze), and sometimes I still have this issue during games. I don't have time to send my PC back to store for warranty (it will be like 3 weeks without PC...), but it must be the only way to resolve that.