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Z10PE-D8 URGENT!! Trying to configure 2 samsung 950 m.2's in raid, help is needed...

Level 7
Hello, My new build is complete, I am now trying to get the 2 samsung pro m.2's in raid but I have no option to do so.

I am now using the asus Z10pe-d8 ws mobo, All ram, Cpu's, everything is being detected properly, using latest bios that's on their site now as we speak.

All my drives are picking up properly within the bios but for some odd reason, When I am trying to configure raid, the drives arn't showing up, I have as storage, my old 3 raptors, and they raid fine.

One is in the actual m.2 slot of the motherboard, the other is with the Lycom pci-e X4 adapter, both are being picked up within the bios perfectly.

Could it be the limitation of the chipset itself???

I also did just for kicks, uninstalled all of my Sata Cables that were going to my other Storage devices, nope, didn't change squat.

I tried from LSI and Intel enterprise rapid configuration, all came up dead end.

I did downloaded the intel's nvme raid drivers from

All I need is to make the 2 m.2's, to put them in raid and try to make them at least boot-able instead of doing it dynamically within windows as I might have no choice, any help would be excellent, thank you.

Level 7
Someone on the other forum gave me a reply with a url link to this site:

I think I did look at this once before and I just went back to my other system just very recently and I tried to disable CSM support and yes, I did get rst thingy within the bios but it only shows my 3 raptors, it does NOT show any of the 2 m.2's that I have installed,

Sorry, its a no go.

If anyone has any other advice, would be great.

Level 8
And if you install the M.2 in extension boards instead of one being in the MB and the other in the extension board, trying the link that someone sent you?

Level 13

Software RAID is the only possibility for this configuration and it will not be bootable.

Level 7
Hi All, i am new to the forum and this seems to be the only thing i can find on the ASUS Z10PE-D16-WS series. Is there a specific forum for servers/work stations.Asus tech support have not been very helpful to my horror as this is the first ASUS board too. thanks..I am currently doing a build, well its near done but i am having bios set up issues with GPU,s and then a large chunk of the bios settings. I wish to tune it for what i want it to do effectively. I have built rigs before but never to this level, more pelts water cooling but on a single cpu some years ago. Any how it may be a nice thread for those thinking to do the same. I also like to game a little but that is not the main basis for the build. Any assistance help direction would be great ..Cheers

I'm not aware of a forum for ASUS server products. The good news is that a lot of the BIOS features on server/workstation boards are industry standard type features rather than ASUS special sauce. So if you don't know what a feature does you can probably just google it and find out. Even if the results discuss a Supermicro board the feature probably works the same.
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