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XMP profile fails to load when all four rams are on my Maximus V gene!

Level 7
I am having trouble to set XMP profile for my 4x4GB kingston hyperx 2133 1.65v rams on maximus v gene motherboard. Apparently, when all four rams are plugged in simultaneously, i can't overclock anything (fails to post)!! only when i use two at a time, the system can be overlocked and the XMP profile can be turned on.

I checked the rams two at a time with MEMtest86+. No error have encountered. I have yet to test them four at the same time. THis is the second board I have with the same problem ( I returned the first one for RMA because it died on me when i overclocked it with only two rams in. This one is a new one)

please give some advice, thanks!

Level 11
was this RAM kit rated at 4 sticks or rather those are 2 kits (2 sticks each)? usually the XMP profiles on Dual Channel motherboards are rated for 2 sticks only...

anyways, try this, boot to BIOS with 2 sticks, and set not the XMP profile, but rather Manual control and manually select the correct DIMM voltage and DDR frequency. then go to DIMM timings and set the first four timing values to ones printed on sticker (same as XMP) leaving the rest on auto. F10, reboot, shutdown.
install the other 2 stick, power up and enjoy.
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Level 7
hi, my ram kit is rated at 4 sticks.The model number is KHX2133C11D3K4/16GX
Anyway, I will try your method and keep you posted. THank you very much

try the go button to align ram and 1.65v ram is little strong 1.5v is recommended