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XMP or Memory Overclock WITHOUT CPU Overclock

Level 7
Hey All,

I would like to overclock my ram to at least the officially supported Intel spec for my 14 Core 9940x 9th gen CPU. Intel states 2666mhz support. I have the UEFI bios on a Prime Deluxe II

We all know ram defaults to 2133mhz.

Could anyone offer some very specific tips or steps to achieve 2666mhz?
If I enable XMP it overclocks my TridentZ ram to its 3200mhz specification. This is ok also I suppose, but I imagine it's generating more heat (quad channel).

Mainly I'm trying to understand if overclocking to 2666mhz or 3200mhz requires CPU overclock for stability or if it's ok to leave my cpu at stock clocks which is what I would prefer. My computer is very well cooled but it's a music production computer so I want to keep it quiet therefore keep heat down.

To begin with my memory overclocking should I enable XMP and then bring the speed down to 2666mhz or keep XMP off and do it manually? Not sure what I need to change besides the obvious clock to 2666mhz in my Asus UEFI bios.

Level 40
You can run the XMP profile for the RAM without overclocking the CPU.

XMP simply applies the rated timings/frequency/voltage for your RAM...the difference in heat between 2666 and the rated 3200 will be very little.