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X99 Sabertooth fan header + NVMe boot instructions

Level 7
Hello I just got a X99 Sabertooth and I have been looking thru the manual i can only find the amperage
of the CPU_fan and thats 1 amp 12 watts i could use the rates for the other headers. also it seems that only
the CPU_fan and opt are PWM I have a Phanteks Enthoo primo case Thats im using alot with the PWM fan HUB
so with the instructions it has for the hub right now it looks like im only going to be able to power 4-5 of the
phobya eloops 120mm i have per hub. The problem i have with that right now is there is a total of 16 of the fans
and 5 Phanteks 140mm ill not have a problem routing those to the board. But does any one know of another
PWM hub that can accept additional power and still signal pwm or another solution without havigng a 5.5 bay taken up.
Also if any one has used the Phanteks pwm hub please let me know your exp. with it i would love to know before getting every thing set up. As for the 16 fans there is A'Lot of RAD's

Second question can any one link the setup for the hyperkit and intel 750 2.5 inch boot setup. Got it the first day it went
on sale at new egg and just cant seem to find the video i had seen in the past from JJ about it.

Level 13

All the fan headers are rated at 1A and can be configured as PWM or DC mode. The Swiftech 8-Way PWM Splitter works well with the board.