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[x99 gamer strix] motherboard Keeps rebooting with cpu installed

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Hello forum,

Today I experienced a sudden shutdown of my gaming rig, and since then the Pc won't turn on anymore. The motherboard seems to be going into protection and is stuck in an endless power on shutdown reboot loop, all within a second.
I can stop the loop by removing the cpu, without it the motherboard powers on.

I checked the socket but I didn't find bent pins. The cpu has also been working fine until today and it seems odd that it short circuited out of the blue.

Anyone experienced anything similar? I am at loss and cannot understand wether the culprit is mobo or cpu.

I'd be grateful for any help or opinion

Edit: CPU i76850k
RAM 4X4GB Corsair Dominator DDR4 3000 MHz
GPU TitanX Pascal
SSD 950PRO 512GB
Case Corsair 900D

I also tried to remove the ram, unplugging USB devices, etc.with no success.

Update: After further investigation I suspect that the issue could indeed be the Mobo, as even with everything removed the LED Code is stuck on 00 while I would expect to at least report that CPU cannot initialise. There also seems to be an issue with X99 Cpu Sockets that tend to be weak by design.

Update 2: 4# Post. Summary:

-Same CPU - New X99 Strix mobo, BOOTLOOP - assumed CPU to be faulty
-CPU tested to be ok by the vendor (proof with Prime95 CPUZ screens)
-Replugged CPU into the new X99 strix mobo; now it's working.
-System now suffering sudden shutdowns and anti surge protection popup after reboot but still reaching POST.
-Sudden shutdown, not able to reach POST anymore.
-Placed mobo on cardboard with only CPU and PSU plugs. NO POST
-left CPU out of the socket for few minutes, now Motherboard reaches post, but sometimes shuts down and reboot loop starts again.

Level 15

Chino wrote:
Listing your complete system specifications would help a lot. 🙂

Updated first post with specs. Thank you

Hi all,

long update on the issue which I am sadly still fighting.

I got a new X99 gaming strix and it presented the very same issue. I assumed that then the CPU had to be bad, did the RMA, and suprise.. the CPU is working fine for the shop where I bought it. (they showed screenshots of Prime95 with CPUZ opened)
Then I received my original CPU back and plugged it in again onto the new mobo and this time IT WORKED! , just by doing the whole trip to germany.

I rejoiced but not for too long, as the system was now having random shutdown issues (two or three times in a day) reporting that surge protection was triggered at the next reboot ( Did I mention that I also swapped the PSU?).
I then double checked every cable and the system seemed working fine. Then another sudden shutdown but this time the system kept rebooting itself repeatedly, never getting past the 00 QCode.

I then completely removed the Mobo from the case and placed it on cardboard, with only the PSU (no ram, no heatsink, nothing) and same thing. Only removing the CPU allows the motherboard to stay powered on .

Then I left the CPU out for few minutes, plugged it in again... and it worked again! but just briefly, as it started having the same issue as before after a few minutes.

This is the oddest issue I have ever had; I also noticed that even while the computer cannot reach POST, the more I leave the CPU out of the socket, the further the QCODE goes while trying too boot.

I am completely at loss here, it seems likely capacitive coupling or a capacitor causing havoc in the CPU. On top of that I am unable to obtain a replacement as the issue cannot be replicated at the vendor.

Has anyone ever dealt with something similar?

Level 7
While troubleshooting some more I figured out that the motherboard fully powerson only when the "New cpu installed..." text pops up at boot. After that and if in the bios I load defaults parameters, the system can stay powered on. As soon as I enable XMP (which I would really like to keep on) it starts boot looping again .

This is most odd as I had the same issue even with just cpu and mobo( i.e. no RAM installed); thus I suspect that the XMP parameters are making the CPU crash, even if it worked with XMP on perfectly for more than 2 months. Could this hint to a damaged cpu?

Hi NiGos

Sorry to hear you're having such issues, I would think the 6850k could handle 16GB of 3000MHz ram with relative ease but since it goes into a boot loop after enabling XMP, try raising these voltages.

On the extreme tweaker tab set:

CPU VCCIO voltage 1.15v - 1.20v
CPU System Agent Voltage 1.15v - 1.20v

F10 and Enter to save and exit.

If it still goes in to a bootloop raise the Dram voltage 0.05v

F10 and Enter

How does she go?

If no success try setting your ram manually.

If none of this helps please list the psu's you've tested with.

Level 7
Thanks for the Reply Nate

Well I guess that in the end it was indeed due to low voltages when enabling the XMP profile.

The main issue that I noticed is that the Motherboard was not applying the XMP profile voltage ( 1.35 V); applied it manually and everything works even with XMP on, just like before all this happened, not even random shutdowns.

I am still unable to figure out why this issue came out of the blue after 3 rock solid months ( I suspect that maybe one of the latest BIOS updates could be the culprit, which I did recently ) and mostly how this issue could be carried over to a new motherboard just by fitting it with the CPU and RAM, almost as if they were stuck in a wrong state; this totally put me in the wrong direction as I was dead sure that the CPU was bust.

I am happy to have finally solved it even if I could have saved myself a useless RMA and new mobo, but at least it s over...

Hello NIGos,

Everything is running fine now? Are you using the latest version of the BIOS?

Level 7
Hey I know this is an old thread but I am going through a similar hell with you NIGos. Same situation as yours, mobo wont stay powered on with the CPU on, but stays on without it, showing error code 00 as it has no CPU installed. Tried everything you mentioned too. I am going insane, is my CPU / Mobo fried? I was getting error code 35 for a few boot loops that were approximately 3 seconds long. Now it's just 1 second on and my CPU led is going red before shutting down 😞

Mobo: RoG X99 Strix.
CPU: i7 6800k
GPU: Strix GTX 1080 OC
PSU: Corsair RM850x
RAM: Trident Z DDR4-3400MHz 4x8GB
Storage: M.2 960Evo 250G