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X99 Deluxe throwing Q-Code 99

Level 7
I have no idea if I'm in the right place or not. There doesn't appear to be an ASUS support forum for normal motherboards any more, so...

My X99 Deluxe is displaying a 99 when booting. Started a couple months ago.

It appears to sit there like a stump for 80-90 seconds then boot. EVERYTHING APPEARS TO WORK FINE.

I found an ancient thread that talked about the error, and plugging things in. I've done so. All the plugs on the motherboard I could find, all the hard drive plugs, reseated the graphics card. There's nothing else I know of to plug in.

Worse, it doesn't do it EVERY time. 80-90% most likely, but every so often it boots quickly.

Am I going to have to resort to the brute force method and unplug everything I can to see if it boots normally? If so, it's just going to be disks 'cause everything else HAS to be plugged in for it to even boot as far as I know...

What else can cause this?