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X570 TUF PCH fan very loud and running hot

Level 7

i'm experiencing problems with my PCH fan. It's spinning with 3000-3500RPM and its temperatures on idle are from 70-75°C. I tried to stress test but I couldn't find appropriate software. My BIOS version is 1407. Before I figured it out it is PCH fan I thought it was Prism Wraith cooler but after replacing that with Dark Rock 4 Pro I found out it is PCH fan whining. I'm using meshify c case with 2 intake and 1 exhaust so airflow shouldn't be a problem... Does anybody have an idea if it is a faulty MB or is this how it should be?
CPU: 3700x w/ dark rock 4 pro
RAM: 16GB Corsair 3600MHz
MB: Asus TUF x570 Plus wifi
NVMe: Samsung 970 EVO
GPU: PowerColor 5700 XT red devil
Case: Fractal Meshify c with 3 bequiete fans
PSU: BeQuiete 700W Power 9 CM

Level 8
Sounds like the PCH fan is blocked by the GPU. The PCH "cooler" acts as a heat trap, so it will quickly heat up until the fan turns on at 57c at 1000rpm then +/- 500rpm for every degree celsius of change from thereon. Since the fan doesn't work so well... it doesn't take much to hit 3000rpm. I'm currently waiting for Asus to get back to me, so we'll see how helpful they are.爛