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X570-e STRIX

Level 7

One week ago i purchesed MB X570-e Strix. CPU for it is 3900x.

I did not buy new GPU but use my "old" (MSI RTX 2060 gaming Z)

I have noticed that when i startup or restart my PC the vents on gpu spool up to 100% for few seconds when bios starts and then go down back..

On my previus MB (MSI Z 170 A m3) that did not happen.

Can anyone tell me what could be the reason for this and also if it is possible to disable it? in win i use MSI afterburner and costum ramp for vents.

and also.. in AI Suite 3 i have costum ramp for fan 1 and 2 but i noticed that on both i can't go lower then 40%. for chassis fans. can anyone tell me why is that? i tried to disable minimum value in bios but it did not work.

Best regards