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X570-E boot device order not saved / can't get into UEFI settings when rebooting

Level 7

I've upgraded my desktop PC (specs in profile) and so far I'm happy with it, there are only a couple minor issues that bug me a little and I wonder if I'm the only one with these problems, because I couldn't find anyone else mention them yet.

I'm using a "WinToGo" installation on an external SSD for work. It'd be awesome if I could set the boot device order so that it boots straight from the external SSD whenever it's attached and when it's absent it'd just boot the Windows 10 installation on the internal SSD. Unfortunately it seems that the boot device order either doesn't get saved or mangled once I detach the external SSD.

Sometimes I want to boot that "WinToGo" installation after playing games on this machine, but I can't get into the UEFI firmware settings when rebooting, only when doing a cold boot/start. Even Shift+Restart > Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > UEFI Firmware Settings only boots straight into Windows 10 again. Not only is the "Press F2 or DEL to enter BIOS" (or whatever it says exactly) message missing, but the whole functionality isn't there, ie. spamming F2/DEL does nothing. However when I shutdown the PC, wait a couple seconds, it works like expected. I already disabled Fast Boot and increased the boot delay, which is another setting that's seemingly being ignored when rebooting. I've also tried using a different display (connected via HDMI instead of DP) and a different keyboard without avail.

I wonder is this intentional behavior or are these bugs? Can someone try to reproduce this? In any case these are admittedly very minor annoyances, still, it would be nice if they could be fixed somehow.