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WS X299 SAGE/10G problem cpu fan after upgrade bios 3101

Level 8

After upgrade bios 3101 the following problems started:

1) cpu fan type Auto detect malfunctions.
When set to Auto the fan often changes speed, stops and then restarts or turns on and off many times per second, when the system reboot it went crazy.
I have test various fans and all with the same problem and they are all pwm fans. The only solution is to remove Auto and set Pwm for cpu.

2) When the system restarts, the motherboard turns off the CPU fan, "leaving all the other fans on" and when the bios post ends, it turns the CPU fan back on. Sometimes this absurd sequence misleads the fan speed check saying it doesn't rotate "rpm error" actually the fan runs perfectly
I also put Turbo mode but it is useless because at reboot the motherboard decides to stop the fan only of the cpu.
All this happened with this bios 3101.
I have other Mb equal and just updated the bios the same problem happened.
I have NI asus emails to forward the problem to for support.

help me for contact support.


Level 11
bios 3203 working fine for me.

the new bios did not solve the fan problem

hellokitty wrote:
bios 3203 working fine for me.