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WS SAGE 621E Take 2!

Level 7

Hey All;

Just got a brand new WS 621E Sage MB, loaded it w/ 1 @ Xeon Gold 5118, and 1 @ 32Gb Samsung  M393A4K40CB2-CTD RDIMM; Both are the "supported" list. It powers on, and hangs at BB system memory abnormal. I don't know  what version of BIOS it came with since it won't boot completely but I did flash it down to the version that is was tested on with my memory and CPU. Asus support is worthless, as they told me "That error indicates the system can't find your Operation System." I kid you not. I told the guy that was ridiculous, and irrelevant since, any OPERATING System is off the table if the thing doesn't boot. Waiting on guidance from their "Second Line". There was one other post online about something similar that deal with ES CPUs and BIOS incompatibility, but mine are official SR3GF. Thoughts? Anyone else see this?