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Ws c422 pro/se no post to bios error code (aa / a9)

Level 7
hello friends, this is a new build and I'm having an issue reaching the BIOS.

I have reseated all components.
gtx1080 in PCIE
1x 32gb ram plugged in to C1. This ram is on the supported list.
Xeon w-2175
1 intel 7600p m.2

when I have a HDMI plugged in I get Q-Code A9
when I have a DP plugged in I get Q-Code AA

in both cases the monitor does turn on but I get a blank display. any ideas?

Level 14
User manual says
A9 = "Start of Setup"
AA = "System has transitioned into ACPI mode, Interrupt controller is in APIC mode"

Old system like that you can't go wrong replacing the onboard CR2032 battery ... it can cause all sorts of strange and apparently unrelated problems if it's dead/dying.

I think the machine is halting just after initializing the PCIe bus. Try pushing the GPU card into the slot, or try removing then remounting it, electrical contacts may need to be cleaned. If it's not a GPU card issue then it could be CPU having uneven mounting pressure.
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Level 7
BAD GPU was my problem, swapped out for a p2000 and works fine. derp