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Worth the platform upgrade?!

Level 7
Hey Guys! It's been a while since a posted a new thread.
I was just wondering if my CPU on my R4F X79-Platform is still good for gaming compared to the last cpu generation(Skylake,to be obvious XD) .
I tried to search any comparison on the internet ,and I found poor news.
I'd like to have an advice from You ,since this matter is going to ring my bells every day.
I mean,for example:
-i7 3820 vs i7 6700k ,FPS loss,bottlenecks...etc
In specific,I play 1080p,most likely I wanna hit 144FPS,my pc has no troubles so far,just wanna know if my platform costs some FPS loss on games in general compared to new platforms..
Hope I made this clear.
Thanks in advance!
Asus Rampage IV Formula - Bios 5001 Intel i7 3820 @ 4.3Ghz/ Enermax Liqtech 240 / Arctic MX-4 Asus GeForce GTX 970 DC2-Strix 4GB
16GB DDR3 G-Skill Ripjaws-Z 2133Mhz Samsung 840 EVO 250GB SSD Western Digital 1 TB Caviar Black 64Mb EVGA SuperNova G2-850
Thermaltake Chaser MK-I BENQ XL2411z 144hz Monitor Windows 10 Pro x64