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with SLI enabled i can't load nito my bios ??

Level 7
I posted this earlier but realize my problem is because i have sli enabled
I was unable to get my bios to load at start up while pressing the delete key, after many tries (it kept going to my windows load screen) i decided to clear my cmos by removing the battery now my sytem will not boot into either windows or bios, as my system is booting up i get one beep then after it goes through the rest it stops on A0 and then i get one long beep and 4 short beeps I know this code means Hardware component failure what should i do, do i need to recede all my hardware on my MB (GPU,RAM, HD) or am i ****ED any help would be greatly appreciated.

Ok after receding all my hardware in different configurations I finally got the bios to run and my system has booted into windows, I set my system up again but it seems that when i have SLI enabled while pressing delete to get into the bios i am unable to get into the bios and it get stuck on code A9 and it just hangs there and i need to reboot, is there something i need to do like (enable/disable or change my screen resolution 3440x1440) to be able to load into my bios while SLI is enabled? once again any help would be greatly appreciated, the code i get when i do load into windows successfully is AA. (I'm running my GPU's and CPU liquid cooled so disabling one card to get into the bios is kinda difficult)

Level 15

I think I am I'm running bios v.0702
Today i was just playing around and i plugged my monitor/dport cable into my primary card and i could get into my bios but it wouldn't load into windows in order to do that i needed to plug the monitor/dport cable into my second card.... I don'[t know why but it works this way only i would prefer that my monitor be plugged into my primary card, i'm going to change my PhysX to run off my CPU and see how that works out.

Level 15

I'm not understanding why my monitor is not able to view the bios when it's plugged into my 2nd Evga GTX 1080 TI SC2 card that's attached to the second pci-e slot on my ASUS rog strix x299 e gaimng MB, and can only view the bios when my 1st Evga GTX 1080 TI SC2 card is attached to the primary pci-e slot on my ASUS rog strix x299 e gaimng MB but cannot view windows and hangs on code A9 if i don't press delete or F2 to get into the bios and i have to switch the monitor cable back to the 2nd card that's attached to the second PCI-E slot to view windows.