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Windows 10 WHQL RIVBE Drivers + BIOS (NVME Support & Spectre/Meltdown Mitigation)

Level 7

Updated Drivers:
-Intel_RST_Drivers_&_Software_Set_v17.2.6.1027 (Install when SATA is set to RAID mode)
-Intel_RSTe_5.5.0.2012 (Install when SATA is set to AHCI mode)

Updated BIOS:
-CPU Microcode 306E4 IVB-E - 42E (3-14-2019)

Updated Utilities:

WARNING: Per Intel instructions, make sure to disable Bitlocker (if you have it enabled) before flashing BIOS with CPU Microcode update! (You can safely re-enable after flashing)

Download the Latest Windows 10 WHQL RIVBE Driver/BIOS/Utility Pack HERE
MD5: d4ae2b6e95da6eacffab9828bf3a70a6
Read the included "ReadMe" files for important instructions and notes!!


Initial Release 07/29/15

Change History: Read the included "ReadMe" file for complete history of releases.
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Level 8
Asmedia Sata was causing random drive dropouts
Asmedia USB 3.0 also causing random dropouts

Have updated to and from station drivers which seem to have resolved the issue, for anyone encountering this

also the latest realtek drivers from asus and in the packages have always had audio bias issues when using 2.1 speakers or headphones with the left speaker being slightly louder, today i have found a fix in "enhancements" in speaker properties, tick disable all sound effects, try it and and listen to the difference 🙂

Download the latest Windows 10 WHQL RIVBE driver/BIOS pack HERE
MD5: 69b0f13627dec91934d2533de17f940a

Updated on 11/29/15 with:
-Asmedia_USB3_1.16.29.1 (requires manual install through Device Manager)
-Broadcom_WLAN_7.35.327.0 (requires manual install through Device Manager)
-Intel_MEI_11.0.0.1173 (driver will show .1172 in device manager, the driver package is .1173)

Updated BIOS with:
-Intel OROM/EFI IRST v14.8.0.2377
(The driver pack now also includes a modified RIVBE 0701 BIOS for those that want to use that one instead)

Read the included ReadMe files for any special instructions or notes when you download this pack!

Please report any issues.

Separate BIOS download for those that do not need the drivers HERE

-Updated Intel CPU MicroCode SandyBridge-E/IvyBridge-E
CPU Microcode 0306E4 IVB-E - 428
CPU Microcode 0206D7 SNB-E - 710
CPU Microcode 0206D6 SNB-E - 619

-OROM Intel Boot Agent CL v0.1.06

-EFI Intel Gigabit UNDI v0.0.09

-Intel OROM IRST RAID for SATA/EFI IRST RAID for SATA v14.8.0.2377

Sparky where are you sourcing these microcode updates from?

Level 7
Thanks for the update Sparky. I did have an issue with the USB drivers, some of my peripherals failed to start with version included in this package, had to roll back to previous version. Otherwise, rock solid.

Sorry for being dense, but could you run me through how to manually install the USB driver through device manager please?

Level 7
Easier than using device the folder containing the USB driver. You should see three folders, 2 .cat files, and 2 .inf files. Right click the .inf files and select "install". The drivers will install and you should be set. If I recall it matters which order you install the two driver sets so if you get an error on the first (asmthub3.inf) install the 2nd (asmtxhci,inf) and then go back and install the other driver.
MB : Rampage IV BE. - Bios 0801
CPU : i7 3970x @ 4500 MHz, Offset +0.030v, Regular LLC, Fixed Frequency 750, C1E Enabled, C3/C6/C7 Disabled
CPU VCCSA: Manual 1.150v, Regular LLC, Fixed Frequency 500
RAM : Corsair Vengeance @ 1866 MHz - 64GB
Disks : Raid0 2x Intel 520 480GB; 2x Seagate 2TB
Audio : Creative X-FI Titanium HD
PSU : Corsair AX1200i
Optic BD\DVD : Lite-On Blu-Ray; Samsung DVDRW
Cooler\Case : Corsair H100i v2 2; Silverstone TJ07
OS : Win10 Pro 64

Thanks a lot for this post Sparky. And hello to all. I have a few questions regarding the IRST drivers.
The one's included here won't install in my Windows 10 system with Rampage Extreme IV Bios 4901.
It just give me an error saying the platform is not supported.After doing some research, I found out
that the latest drivers that were supoorted with X79 chipsets were I tried installing
those too, however those gave me .net dependency errors etc.. I found a workaround but did not do
it yet .To cut to the chase my question is : do I absolutely need IRST ? (or RSTe which the one's included
here ran just fine).What are the pros or cons?I have 1 Samsung SSD and 5 other various size HDDs in my
system. I will be really happy if someone can clarify these issues. I don't use RAID and not planning to do
so in the near future. Thanks in advance.

Hello ,

i have a problem with USB 3 , panel and mouse connected on it , and windows 10 won't start them , i have to un-plug and plug them after windows 10 booted...

Have installed last asmedia ver : 1 16 29 1...

Stormyme wrote:
Hello ,

i have a problem with USB 3 , panel and mouse connected on it , and windows 10 won't start them , i have to un-plug and plug them after windows 10 booted...

Have installed last asmedia ver : 1 16 29 1...

Same problem here.

Level 7
Hey guys

First things first: THANKS for the Driver Pack saved me alot of work great Job ! Now to the issues at hand, I cant seem to install the Intel RST Drivers. I always get the "This Driver does not support this Hardware" message. I am running the Rampage Extreme IV Board. All other drivers seem to work fine. At the moment I am using an old 8.1 RST Driver I found on my usb stick (IRST_Win7-8_8-1_VER12801016).

Has anyone got a newer version that "officially" supports win 10 ? I have a feeling that the driver I have installed is actually slowing down my computer performance. As I did a clean install (had a upgraded win 10) and after the clean install various things seem to be slugish. As an example tabing in and out of running games takes ages...... did not occure on the upgraded version. Just an example! *Edit: I am a TWAT, after the clean install my desktop frequenzy was set to 60hz... I am running a 144Hz monitor.. soooo tabing caused problems... ^^. SOO thats fixed, BUT the issue still remains with the Intel RST Driver.

Stability wise the system is holding up.

System Speccs: 4930k, titan sli , 500GB samsung evo pro ssd, 16gb corsair dominator ram @ 2133mhz .

Thanks for any answeres on this matter.