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Windows 10 Preview install fails on Maximus VII Formula, black screen

Level 9
[UPDATE: Solved, reinstalling mouse driver and firmware fixes it]

Hi, I've been trying repeatedly to install Windows 10 Preview (builds 10130, and 10162) on this motherboard, with no success. The basic steps I'm following are:

1) Updated the motherboard bios (there was a newer update available), and rebooted into 8.1 Pro
2) Disabled the Display Adaptor in device manager
3) Re-enabled the Display Adaptor
4) Ran the 10162 setup.exe from within 8.1 Pro, off a USB flash drive with the 10162 iso on it
5) No change in result (Win10 boots to a blackscreen after a couple restarts), and after a couple hard resets (after waiting 10 minutes during these blackscreens) I get the following error message after control is returned to Win8.1:
"0xC1900101-0x30017 The installation failed in the FIRST_BOOT Phase with an error during the boot operation"

A friend has told me this may be related to a GPT disk error of some sort. I have the ssd boot drive formatted as GPT, with 'windows boot manager' uefi boot device in the bios. Win8.1 is booting like this, with UEFI boot, with no errors. Should I try disabling UEFI entirely and reformat the drive as Legacy type, or does anyone have thoughts on what could be the problem? Are there specific bios entries I should check? Thanks! (I also am posting to the Windows Preview forum)


Level 7
I may be having the same issue. I am trying to install 10162 from USB on my MVII Impact and getting a black screen.

Having the same problem , so am instal over the win7 and after instal win10 - 10166 - win7 is in folder " old windows " !

ps. win10 working very well :cool: 0 problems so far
maximusVII Hero i74790K GTX770 G.SKILL Trident X Series 16GB_2400MHz Samsung SSD 840pro Seidon 120XL

Teebsalot wrote:
I may be having the same issue. I am trying to install 10162 from USB on my MVII Impact and getting a black screen.

Quite by accident, I discovered that unplugging and replugging in the usb mouse would allow the install to continue, and I had to do this many times during the install, and even now after 10166 update, I still have to unplug the mouse twice before I see the desktop, on every cold boot. After that, it works fine.

I haven't done anything to try to fix this (reinstalling mouse/usb drivers) as yet (I suspect it's a UEFI bios bug, no changes to the M7F usb settings seems to affect it). But anyway, if your install is hanging, plug your mouse & kbd into the front panel ports so you have easy access to them, and try unplugging one or both if it seems to be hung. Report back if this helps!

Level 9
[EDIT] After updating my mouse firmware and installing it's driver (CM Storm Spawn) in Win10, the hanging/unplugging issue appears to be gone. Very happy!

Level 7
Dude hate to bump this but i have the Sabertooth 990FX and i have been running into this issue, i updated the firmware in 8.1 then i just got a different mouse just to say **** it. If this works i owe you a beer.

I didnt even think it could be the mouse cause 9926 worked fine, anything after that, nope. Reverts to the old windows install.

damn you cooler master!

Level 7
Yea its now installing perfectly. I def owe you something. Ive been racking my brain for the past few months and I never stopped to think it was the god damn mouse.