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Windows 10 icons loads slow

Level 10
Hy, i have asus maximus vii hero, 4790k (not overclocked), windows is installed in uefi mode but i can't figure it why my icons loads very slow like i have an hdd but i have an samsung ssd evo 840. What could be the problem?

Level 12
Is this an upgrade or a full/fresh Windows 10 installation?
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Level 7
Same here. Win 10 lags Win 7 when opening location, copying/deleting files over network. My guess is there are processes monitoring things.

Hello Shakecip

Double check you have your ssd connected to an Intel sata port, you might also want to check how magician is configured.

Level 7
The 840 SSD is to blame, you need to refresh the drive, you can find details about it on the net, this drive suffers from performance degradation over time and you need to use an application from Samsung to refresh it.
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Level 10
Is a clean windows and yes is connected to intel sata port and and i have the latest firmware and in samsung magician i dezactivated hibernate and superfetch.