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Windows 10 drivers for Maximus IV Extreme (P67)? Any word?

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The only thing I want to learn about here, is if there has been any word, or if there is any information that relates to there being updated drivers for this motherboard for use with "Windows 10". 🙂

I can't buy a new computer if Asus doesn't want to update the drivers and mine is running perfectly well with its i7 2700K on 4.6 GHz OC'ed.

Unfortunately, I am sort of forced to get Win 10 if I want to make use of directx 12, otherwise I'd stay on Win 7.

From reading other threads on this forum, there are indications that windows 8.1 drivers supposedly work with Win 10, but that seem a little dubious to me personally.

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Level 7
Hm ok.

Though, I am not sure how to interpret the listing of platforms, becuase the P67 chipset isn't listed there. 😐
"Intel X99, X79, Z97, H97, Z87, H87, Z77, B85, B75, H81, Q87, Q77 and H61 series motherboards"

Could I be misunderstanding this list of chipsets? I get the impression that the newest ones are listed.

I worry that now, it seems clear that Asus won't support my afaik less-than-five-year-old motherboard.

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I hope they add more chipsets to the list.

The press release points out the following, which offer some hope. I hope they don't spend too much time adding P67 to the list of Win 10 supported chipsets.

"First Windows 10 compatibility list published, and will be updated as more support is added"

Level 7
I contacted support, and this was what I got in reply. This is terrible Asus, because I have been using my motherboard for little over three years.

"We currently have no information if the older models will get win 10 support or not, currently R&D is working on the current models of motherboards."

I am running the m4e (p67) with a 2500k OC to 4ghz, ram OC slightly as well.

Did the upgrade from windows 7, followed by a clean install of windows 10. Following the clean install, everything is currently working fine. Infact, I did not need to install any driver from the asus support page (unlike a clean install of windows 7). LAN, USB, marvell SATA3, Bluetooth all worked right out of the "box". In system information, the only error device was quickly fixed by automatic download of the intel management engine.

So far the only uncertainty is whether my USB3.0 ports are running at 3.0 speeds. When testing out my only usb3 device, transfer speeds seem to run the same as usb2.0 (by plugging into the ASUS ezflash usb port). However, I get a notification that says my device could perform faster when I plug into the usb2 port, and no notification when I plug into the usb3 ports.

As for my OCs, I did not clear cmos before upgrading. So far my OCs do not seem to be affected. Have not stress tested for stability yet.

Any news here???
To be honest I dont think that we will get support for win10 as even win8.1 hasd issues with USB 3.0 and there were no drivers provided from ASUS. I think this is really unprofessional to dich such high end parts after such a short time as my machine is running like a charm on win7, but I upgraded my SP3 and I love it, so I really would like to upgrade also my desktom Machine.

Level 10
You guys tried using Windows update to update the drivers? Practically 90% of all drivers that worked previously on Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1 should be working on Windows 10. I upgraded 6 computers to Windows 10 and all of them are all working 100% so I'm shocked to see so many people complaining that something is not working. 1 of my systems is at least 6 years old..

Level 7
I updraded my system to Win 8.1 and allworked fine, the only problem I had was USB 3, windows did not recongnize them and I was not able to use the USB 3 ports at all, and even more frustrating there was always a connect/disconnenct sound and this was really anoying. So this is why I am not sure if its safe to upgrade now.

Level 7
Just upgraded my machine to win 10 as well as new GPU (R9 390) and now getting a very long black screen before post. around 2mins and then it posts and boots as normal. Anyone else experiencing any similar issues with Maximus IV extreme P67 on win10?