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Level 7
I am not sure if it is WINDOWS 10 or the drivers for the M/B but my internet using EDGE/IE11/CHROME is very stuttery - IF a single page is slow opening - I can not do anything in the browser window like open another page - or type - ALL I get is a twirling icon. VERY annoying!! The whole stuttering is happening almost every third tab opened and has made this PC worse than a NEXUS 7 for BROWSING. I am using ethernet, but WIFI is the same but SLOWER!! WHAT a damn MESS!!

I INSTALLED the new intel LAN drivers on the ASUS Formula vii site for WINDOWS 10 and 64bit and it made no difference.

ALSO - when the connection icon was deleted - (I tried to make a new connection as a possible solution) there is NO WAY to make a new internet connection - I had to roll back in the end to get my Ethernet connection back!! I am on BT infinity.

WHAT the HELL is GOING ON?? £3500 computer forever stalling with a busy icon when browsing!! When trying to find a DNS address as a possible solution - the benchmark programme reports the net is constantly being dropped after 5 mins and before it finishes.

In the windows 10 supplied driver, I tried unchecking the power management "turn off this device to save energy" which made no difference and that option seems to have gone from the over complicated INTEL driver on the ASUS formula vii d/l site!!


Level 7
I'm having the same problem with a ROG G751JT. After I upgraded to windows 10, my wifi stopped working. I can connect to wifi networks, but it says I only have 'limited' connectivity, and I cannot access internet. The LAN drivers doesn't work either. When I connect a router or another laptop using LAN, it always says 'Unidentified Network' and I don't get any connectivity.

Level 10
Do you have all of your visual c++ libraries installed? Also check your drivers to make sure that they're the most current ones for your hardware. I had jitters early on with the first nvidia driver but they've since released two updates which cured the problem. I look at this as a teething issue that will get ironed out soon as more corrections are implemented.
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Level 10
Sorry I'm a bit confused, so is the screen that is stuttering? If so, it's more likely a graphics driver issue more than a lan driver issue. Maybe you could share more details.

Level 7
The word stuttering was not the best word - more like freezing - but sometimes the freeze is very short and then again sometimes it can be over a minute - they happen when a web page seems to take a while to open. It is well known, you cannot type, open another tab or generally do anything until that pathetic twirling icon is no longer displayed. Compare that to the literally dozens of pages i would open in a search for something on THIS pc before the update, and if some pages didnt open - so what?? NOTHING would happen accept the offending tab would not load - that is it!!

Now i am waiting all the time - although some pages open fast and with no issues - alot result in the twirling icon and an unusable PC for the duration. Looks to me we are stuck like this - the Nexus 7 browses more fluidly than this, a sli 4k based, top end desk top. Simply laughable!! Mac owners will be rolling around on the floor and i am not sure if it is WINDOZE 10 or ASUS Formula vii net drivers. Either way - it is LAME!!

Blah - HOW are GIGABYTE doing in the WINDOWS UPGRADE??