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Window 10 crash (FX-9590/Crosshair Z)

Level 7
I'm running FX-9590 on a Crosshair Formula V - Z on a brand new build. I have the ATX 4 pin and 24 pin used. Since I tried to use the 8 pin on the MB and it would not post.

I notice Window 10 home 64bit will lock up and then restart itself after I get a blue screen with "Your PC ran into problem and needs to restart.
We're just collecting some error info, and then we'll restart for you.. On the MB I'm getting Q-code 66 and AA.

I download Corsair Link Software Version to work with my Corsair H100i GTX.

I'm thinking it's in the BIOS setting since me, sister and brother-in law made so many changes back and forth. I can't keep up on what been change.
I'm thinking it has something to do in the advance tab under CPU configuration. I could be wrong 😞

I uninstall the Corsair Link Software and re-install Corsair Link 4 and download AI Suite II 2.04.01. Once I downloaded AI Suite I got a black screen on boot
and my internal speaker was buzzing none stop on q-code 50. I clear the CMOS from the jumper.
Then disable something about CPU Turbo configuration in bios. Everything is working fine.

Hello amusa

The 8-pin cpu power cable is mandatory, the 4 pin is only needed for extreme overclocking.

Would be a good idea to connect them both.