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Will my CHV work?

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I just want to know if it will work or should I RMA it.

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Hang in there..I'm sure @Asus will be responding shortly with that answer.
But if its missing....I don't think Asus would solder anything on there that wasn't of luck.c.

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This component called transistor, at least looks like a SMD N Gate, ASUS have really good QC, besides that I can't tell you much, mine covered by video card, and I don't really feel like taking it apart right now.
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Does it appear that it has been broken or ripped off? If so then I would definitely RMA the board. I'm not sure what that one does but even if you can get the board to work it might be important for a feature that you want to use in the future.

On the other hand sometimes there are bits that are not used because the manufacture of the board changes slightly over time. They use different parts or revise something in order to fix a hardware bug. Even the employees here on the forums are not necessarily going to know everything that happens in the production plant so I would just use good judgment.
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I used to hand build RF coils and mount them on circuit boards for a company that built radio equipment. There were components on those boards that did not get mounted on purpose. The main reason was that the board was designed for more than one model of radio and only the components needed for a certain model were mounted. I am not sure where you got the pic from but if the SMD solder pad is a nice shinny rounded shape then most likely the component that occupies that spot is used for something that is not included or needed on your board. If the solder pad looks flat and grainy then the component may have been broken off. Wave soldering will leave and unmounted SMD pad with a nice clean shinny round dot of solder.

My board is still on the bench so I will take a closer look tonight when I get home from work to see what if anything is there. I just got my CHV up and running last night so I have not mounted everything back in the case yet.

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here the answer. funny what we can found on google, so unless an Asus rep confirm it's a part they remove in a new revision , I will RMA the board

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RTWilliams2 wrote:
I just want to know if it will work or should I RMA it.

Hey RT Williams!

Well I got home and took a close look at my CHV and the component that you have circled in the picture is in place on my board. If ASUS has made no component changes to the CH% since release then you may in fact have a defective board. But I would still call ASUS and explain the concern and get their input on it. No one will know for sure but them.

Best of Luck!