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Why Z170-A and other Z170 suppress PTT?

Level 7
Hello, I have an Asus Z170-A motherboard and I can't enable PTT (Intel Platform Trust Technology).
For some unknown reasons, ONLY 9 mobos Z170 are able to enable PTT (Windows 11 compatible).
But a whole bunch of 37 models H110 low-end motherboards are able to enable PTT.
You can't enable PTT even on the Maximus series but you can enable PTT on H110 ?!? Is that a joke?
I've tried a few methods to enable PTT but had no luck at all. I've moded my bios and the PCH-FW Configuration menu now is available but the bios can't change dTPM to PTT. I found that the bios check if PTT is enabled and suppress it and then changed the settings back to dTPM. Why Asus, why?
Why PTT is locked on the most popular Z170 motherboards?
Can you unlock it? Can you remove the suppress check?

Level 7
For others who might read this, after enabling and disabling PTT a few times on my Asus Z170-A with latest BIOS and ME Firmware, I'm starting to suspect PTT may have been hidden because it may be causing performance issues (such as audio stuttering for example).
I started a thread at Win-Raid:
You boot GRUB from a USB stick and type the command: setup_var 0x6A6 0x1
After rebooting, "Trusted Computing" will appear in the BIOS under "Advanced".
Even if PTT is enabled, you may still have an unsupported CPU for Windows 11.