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Why has ASUS Forsaken the RIVE-BE?

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I would be very interested to know why the RIVE-BE has not received any updates for the BIOS, drivers or software since 7/14. I posted this concern a while back, but was told that updates are provided as they come out... a patently false statement it turns out.

The latest BIOS was released about a year ago... and it is a beta release. The latest chipset, USB, SATA, LAN, etc... drivers were released on 5/28/14. The latest software update was 5/30/14.

This is truly unacceptable. The BIOS only needs to be updated to address issues or for compatibility, but it's a BETA!!! As for drivers, Intel, Asmedia, Realtek, et al have released several driver updates in the past year, but ASUS cannot be bothered to post them in the freaking driver update section. Utilities like AISuite have received updates on other platforms, but the RIVE-BE has again been snubbed.

As I mentioned, my other ASUS boards are still receiving updates. My A88x-Pro has windows 10 driver support already! I realize that the X99 platform demands attention, but why should those of us who purchased a ~500$ board that was the flagship less than a year ago no longer matter?

I find it to be frustrating and disappointing. I I'm wrong, then correct me; however, I see no other conclusion than that ASUS no longer cares about the x79 platform.

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Watercooling FTW :cool:

"essentially one of the most hardcore overclocking motherboards ever made."

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i am old and i have not ranted in a long time
i am going to rant for a long time

i built my first wc computer in 98
back then
it was the hardware store and the machine shop

since then
ive built more than a few


ive bought more than a few
asus boards

p4c800-e was the best board i ever had
2.4c northies always easy to 3.5

asus has gotten worse

the rog jive is bunk to me
but i aint here to fight

its worse than that

support of course is terrible

nothing works right anymore either
because everythings too complicated

same as any old man
will tell you
about cars

and now
we cycle production so quick
that everything is throw away

a two year old board
is way past trash

just reality.

I have a production rendering workstation that is currently out of commission. With this machine down, four people, one of who is me, and who all happen to be people that I'm very close to, are concerned for their ability to provide for their families.

I burned out a Rampage IV Extreme with a great 3930k that would readily clock 5GHz with a D5/Alphacool Monsta 360/CPU-380I. I knew about the VRMs, but I didn't take it seriously.

The chip ultimately fried, too. But Intel was nice about giving me another one. I have no idea how fast it'll go.

I thought the Rampage IV Black - seeing as the Extreme was off the market by that point - would be a suitable replacement. The press on it looked good.

I'm getting Kernel Power 41, 63 shutdowns all the time on barebones: cpu, 1x8GB Ram, K4000, ST3000DM001 for boot, no other drives or devices of any kind. Everything turned off in BIOS. Or, BIOS set to default optimal. Doesn't matter.

Seasonic 860 Plat, tested, works, not the issue. I've tried other tested, working, power supplies to no improvement.

I've done probably 20 or 30 installs of Windows 7 and 8.1 across five different ST3000DM001s.

I can't get it.

I know there may even be a well meaning person out there, but don't waste your time.

cant waste mine

need immediate solution
one possible choice

x99 haswell-e

but asus?

not anymore

Level 10

Watercooling FTW :cool:

"essentially one of the most hardcore overclocking motherboards ever made."

Level 7
LOL - No response would have been better then that response you received.

kahless wrote:
LOL - No response would have been better then that response you received.

something fishy going on here, looks like they deleted his post!

Level 10
like i give a **** for these retarded waste of flesh.

Watercooling FTW :cool:

"essentially one of the most hardcore overclocking motherboards ever made."

Level 7
Wouldn't be surprised, that was a pretty messed up way of saying they were dropping support.

Level 8
Back to MSI And Asrock and EVGA after this , at least they stand behind their products,

Level 7
Good to see I'm not the only one disappointed with this board!! My event viewer is full of: The computer has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first.

I'm a computer engineer. I worked for Intel designing high end server baseboards. I've been building computers since my first, an extensively modified AST '286 with -wow hold your breath now - not just one, but two cavernous 40MB hard drives. I don't overclock to game, but for the fun of playing with the technology, and also to run some very demanding engineering applications where time is money.

After being a huge ASUS fan for many years for the technical quality of the product and good follow-on support. Unless Asus resumes their support for this board, my RIVBE experience will be the jumping off point to try other brands. The old ASUS quality still appears to be there, but a company dropping support for an energetically hyped top-end product to support new ones that provide only incremental improvement is not acceptable in this industry, IMO. On the other hand, I think the build-it-yourself computer industry will be gone within a few years, anyway.
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