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Why has ASUS Forsaken the RIVE-BE?

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I would be very interested to know why the RIVE-BE has not received any updates for the BIOS, drivers or software since 7/14. I posted this concern a while back, but was told that updates are provided as they come out... a patently false statement it turns out.

The latest BIOS was released about a year ago... and it is a beta release. The latest chipset, USB, SATA, LAN, etc... drivers were released on 5/28/14. The latest software update was 5/30/14.

This is truly unacceptable. The BIOS only needs to be updated to address issues or for compatibility, but it's a BETA!!! As for drivers, Intel, Asmedia, Realtek, et al have released several driver updates in the past year, but ASUS cannot be bothered to post them in the freaking driver update section. Utilities like AISuite have received updates on other platforms, but the RIVE-BE has again been snubbed.

As I mentioned, my other ASUS boards are still receiving updates. My A88x-Pro has windows 10 driver support already! I realize that the X99 platform demands attention, but why should those of us who purchased a ~500$ board that was the flagship less than a year ago no longer matter?

I find it to be frustrating and disappointing. I I'm wrong, then correct me; however, I see no other conclusion than that ASUS no longer cares about the x79 platform.

Level 7
This is truly unacceptable. I purchased my "flagship" board a little over a year ago. I upgraded from an Extreme IV, which was actually a much better overclocking board.

i completely agree, one of the reasons i purchased the RIVBE was because i assumed being a top of the line ROG product it would receive driver and software updates, this bug has afflicted me and i have received no replys back from asus, "raja" has abandoned these forums and wouldn't even reply to my pms, but he can be found in the Rampage V forums.. i can comfortable say the lack of support and lack of driver updates leaves a bad taste in my mouth that wont have me coming back to asus products, especially at this level of investment if it was some cheap b85 board it would be a different story, whats worse is due to the customization of the onboard audio solution the stock realtek drivers don't work properly, Well they do but there is a serious bias towards the right channel and you end up with unbalanced sound,the Asus listed ones have Static issues , the driver before that had a bug with non linear volume control meaning half of your volume slider was dead and audio levels were extremely variable . USB3.0 Boost is also broken in the latest aisuite posted for the RIVBE,

Topnotch out of interest, what CPU are you using in your black and what kind of clocks were you able to achieve in the RIVE vs the RIVBE.

don't even get me started on the oc profiles loaded into this board, they should be called cpu suicide profiles, even the most modest one "air cooled gamers profile" will put 1.51v into your 4930k!

and to top it off they finish us off with a beta bios that in 5 days will have been out for an entire year..

Seriously Disappointed Asus:mad:

Level 7
I'm running a 4930k and G-Skill Ripjawz Z 4x8GB binned at 2133MHz. Using the XMP profile and a CPU boost clock of 4400MHz, I got my system stable with a VCore of 1.35. I didn't have to mess with RAM timings, VCCSA or VTT with the G-Skill kit; however, I was using Dom platinums (4x8GB @2400) and I was regularly trying to achieve the same stability by adjusting these voltages. I cannot get my particular CPU bin to clock to 45+ with my RAM above 1333.

In all fairness, this is far less related to the board than the particular processor. Since the CPU has the IMC, some CPU bins will facilitate higher memory & CPU over clocks than others. From what I can tell, 4400 seems to be the typical limit on 4930s.

sounds about about right, my 4930k would need 1.41v to do 4400mhz, this is under a custom loop with 2x480m rads max temp 55c it was a dog of a chip, i just exchanged it under the intel tuning plan i have yet to see what this can do

Jollydet wrote:
sounds about about right, my 4930k would need 1.41v to do 4400mhz, this is under a custom loop with 2x480m rads max temp 55c it was a dog of a chip, i just exchanged it under the intel tuning plan i have yet to see what this can do

Yea, 1.41 is a bit high for 4400... what is your RAM speed and kit type? As I mentioned, I struggled with Dom Platinum RAM, but G-Skill was more 'cooperative'. When I was having issues with my Corsair RAM & CPU overclock, I considered doing exactly what you are with the Intel tuning plan... in the end I worried that I might receive an even worse chip, but I'd be interested to know what bin quality you receive from the replacement plan. I purchased my 4930k right when Ivy-E came out, so I wonder if early chips perform more poorly than those manufactured more recently.

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No one would post in my post about the driver issue. I feel your pain. I have a 4930 that when i use DDR3 2400 with 1.668v and a VCCSA of 1.165 to get and 43 is doable @1.298 or my favoright - offset of 0.015 but 45 I have to use a + offset of 55. or 1.425V. So I went with some DDR3 1866 32 GIG mem 4 sticks @ 1.560v with a VCCSA of 1.05 43 still around 1.298 and 45 is very hard to get stable but 44 @ 1.344 nothing but a thing but with this memory it will not run stable with an offset and I am not sure why. So I think the BIOS needs some more tweaking by ASUS, but they dropped this board like a hot rock whe the Z boards came out. Now i was harrassed for making a statement about the driver issue, I was told that since i paid $599.99 for the Rampage Balck Edition/AC4 board Asus probably thinks I know how to find the drivers on my own. Well I have been looking fro three hours for the Asmedia 1061 AHCI/RAID driver and i ma not having any luck and the guys at ASUS told me this morning to buy a Driver finding prorgram so it can fix my slow boot issue. Yea I have been doing this for a log time and got some help from HIVIZ and Arne but they don't come in here anymore either. It is a shame that the EVGA boards are suffering because it dosen't matter how old they are they find a way to help and you dont get Tech support after 2pm from some dumb ass reading somthing off a piece of paper. I can call today and ask for some help on my 780 FTW board and they would be excited to help me out. Asus Great product terrible support.
Asus Rampage VI Apex, Intel X9 7900X, Gskill 3600, EVGA GTX 1080 Ti SLI, 4 SSD, 1 M.2 SSD
that is the latest asm 106x driver listed, you can use that, its simply listed in the rampage black support/drivers section under SATA
or here is the latest version which i have been using with seeminly no issues

personally i avoid "driver finder" programs they often install bad/incompatible drivers and mess your shiz up

carson i am using a 32gb 1600c10 ripjaws z kit, oc to 2133@1.625v. auto vcssa, cant push it further than 11-12-12-30-2t regardless of voltage. not my first choice of ram but i got it free so im not complaining

regarding evga support i have dealt with them before they are fantastic

TheBoatswain wrote:
and Arne but they don't come in here anymore either

Hey! I'm still here :p:o:D If I miss something just give me a holla via PM 😉

I sympathise with the lack of support for these boards...especially since they are the top of the line. i would actually expect a separate support service for them and a decent one at that.

But I guess I have some sympathy with the guys who staff this site...they have a ton of work no doubt and I guess it's only natural that the new stuff is where the work is being done...and even on the stuff that is next to be released.

ASUS as a company however should and could be whole magnitudes better on customer service.

Level 7
Yeah... my complaint is not with the quality of the board. Rather, I find the lack of driver -- and particularly software -- support to be a clear message: "we (ASUS) do not care about end-user satisfaction on the x79 ROG boards anymore."

I would understand if it was an ancient product, but it's new(ish). ASUS can be assured that when I upgrade to the all-important x99 platform, it will be as a patron of a company that might not suddenly no longer value me as a customer.