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Which drivers do I REALLY need?

Level 7
I only installed the Intel-Lan and the Intel Graphics driver yet. My question is: Which drivers do I really nead? It might sound a bit stupid but I want to keep my system as clean as possible.

I have a Maximus VI Gene and Windows 7 Prof. 64bit. I want to download drivers from here.

I have installed (from CD):

  • Intel Lan
  • Intel Display

I think I need (from Asus Website):

  • Intel Chipset
  • Intel Rapid Storage Technology
  • Realtek HD Audio

In will also install these:

  • Wlan + Bluetooth mPCIe Driver from Intel

Is there anything important I miss? What about the SATA-Controller (I don't use the ASMedia SATA Ports!), USB 3.0, etc.? Which drivers should I download?

and what about the Intel HD Graphics driver? My graphics card will arrive this week (finally) and I can finish my build. So I will disable my internal GPU. can I also delete the Intel HD Graphics driver?


Level 7
My main problem ist that I'm confused. What is the actual Chipset driver? In the download section under Chipset there is listed:

  • Intel Management Engine Interface V9.5.15.1730
  • Intel(R) Chipset Software Installation Utility V9.5.14.1724
  • Intel Chipset Driver V9.4.0.1017

So what to install?

Level 40
You want the chipset driver...and the MEI

You would only need Intel RST running raid as far as I know...the microsoft drivers are great for single AHCI drives

If you don't use ASmedia sata or bluetooth disable them in BIOS...will speed up boot time

Yes, you can remove Intel GPU driver once you install discrete GPU no problem....


Okay, thanks for the reply. Okay, no Intel RST. I will disbale ASMedia, good point. But I keep the bluetooth (I installed the mPCIe card because I need bluetooth ^^).
Oh an I installed the Intel USb 3.0 driver, because I had a undetected device in the device manager. The USB driver solved that.

On last thing: What is Intel MEI actually doing?

ByTheTime wrote:
On last thing: What is Intel MEI actually doing?

Good question... in principle it helps remote manage "stuff"... someone very knowledgeable told me to install it because it "does more that just that"....I never asked but install it myself as one of the prime three "chipset MEI and LAN"

I think it helps if you want to run optimization from AI suite...that kind of thing

So the answer is I don't know 😮 but I have it on good authority that you should install it...

As far as I remember if you don't install it you'll get an unknown device in Device Manager...stuff like that...