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When Your System Messes up!

Level 13
This is a Story of one Idiots repair Job.

This morning I hit the mouse to wake up my Monitors to be greeted by a BSOD! on my 7month old CHIVF...So the Exclamations start flying! The Usual ones! and I hit the Reset Button to be greeted by the nasty Black Screen and the Flashing lights on CPU and Memory LED's so I hit the GO button and it started into it's be greeted by NO Drives found! I continue into BIOS to find as I expected from hitting the GO Button that I needed to reset all the Values...

Ok with that done I restart and once again I'm greeted by the no Devices found plus the Can't find a BOOT Record???? WTF!!!??? so I reset and go back into bios to find No Hard Drive at all! I then proceed into ripping out my Hair( what little I got) and check into to see if everything is connected...YEP it all is! so I hit the Power and get greeted to a Flashing CPU and Memory LED again??? WTF ! ! ! ? ? ? do I have to RMA this thing again???? well I pull the HD SATA and DVD Burner's Cable and try to post again.... Well it Posted so I go into BIOS and set it again with out the Drives and then Restarted 10 Times to see if the BIOS held....YESSSSSS! it did so it AIN'T the MoBo!

I then replaced the SATA Cables and BAM OUT Goes the BIOS Settings again! so I pulled the SATA from the DVD and tried again .... YESSSS it worked and even went into Windows 7 Several Times... Then I replaced the SATA Cable back onto the DVD Burner and BAM Out went the BIOS Settings again...Well now how Strange is it that a SATA Cable would cause SOOOOOOOO MUCH Pain and Suffering! Thank GOD I have anout 30 of them sitting here still in the Bags...I replaced that and everything went SMMMOOOOTTHH as BUTTER! only now I had to completly reinstall Catalyst because what ever it was killed my Video Drivers....

What a PAIN IN THE A** Morning but it goes to show what to do Step By Step to fix a computer! Start by getting a Base line of the Problem and then working on what is needed by slowly replacing the parts till you find out what started it and then you replace only that part not the 50 parts around it. and this same method applies to fixing Software as well.

I hope this will help People with repairs and give encouragement to those that need it.

Level 40
Having a good week are we?

Made me giggle reading that DC, I had a similar kind of moment when my RAID died on me a couple of months/weeks ago. Something as simple as a SATA cable as you have found can cause unbelievable hassle.
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

Level 18
You guys mean to type there and tell us that ... it wasnt Asus ? No RMA ..
No endless ranting ? Junk ! blah, blah, blah ! What nerve.

Will you guys get a grip ... it is just not possible.

thanks Dc, most excellent-one thing at a time, check it twice,
move on .. hehe .. start @ the fuse box.
(I once changed the batteries in a tv remote 3 times .. the tv
wasn't plugged in ... my wife loves telling that story.)c.

chrsplmr wrote:

(I once changed the batteries in a tv remote 3 times .. the tv
wasn't plugged in ... my wife loves telling that story.)c.

loooooooool I who do lots of daft things, have never done that one yet lol

Level 13
chrsplmr that would be as bad as saying Asus messed up my Motherboard because their Servers are made by MSI and caused me to Sneeze inside this case and blowing up a SATA cable packaged with a Gigabyte MoBo

BTW here's a picture of the Culprit:


Level 18
Cut it in half now .. afor it gets back in the pile .. hahahhaa ..
boy.. do 'we' all know that one.c.

Level 14
that cable looks just like you C.
i bet you did that just to make him angry.

Level 7
Had a similar problem the other day. Added a new HDD but my extra SATA cables were different colors so I purchased 5 identical cables. Installed the HDD and windows would not boot. Got the no device error. Turned out, one of the new cables to my SSD raid array was bad.

Thanks for the post I could relate to each and every one of your expletives.
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