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When will the X370-F ROG STRIX get an AGESA update?

Level 7
I think the title says it all really. I'm asking here in hopes I can get a much better answer than the utterly incompetent brush-off excuses the so-called Asus support has given. Us X370-F owners are still waiting on a BIOS updating the AGESA to 1004 or 1006 the level of support being provided is terrible we paid a premium price for a premium board and expect to get premium service. Its like Asus completely disregarded the X370 boards the instant X470 rolled around. The STRIX is not a budget board it is not too much to expect surely that it recieves important updates such as when AMD release a new AGESA. Does anyone know a good reason why the X370-F hasn't recieved an AGESA update to 1004c or 1006 yet? MSI have released updates for their X370 boards to AGESA 1006 atcross their entire range, and even the lowly Biostar have firmware with AGESA 1004c for their X370 boards. Surely Asus can at least maintain the level of service MSI and the tiny Biostar are offering?

I know that comes across as a bit of a rant but its not, naming and shaming to hopefully get some movement on this.

Level 9
Well mate apparently yesterday evryone get the 1006 except us hahaha

I'm also still waiting for a Bios with the new AGESA for this motherboard.
Support for this motherboard has been a bit lacking in the last few months, compared to other brands.