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Whea_uncorrectable_error BSOD with new B550M-C build and fix!

Level 7
Figured I should put this out there somewhere so if anyone else that comes across this will know the fix I have found. This message is reguarding the build here.

Using the B550M-C and the Ballistics memory from this order with a 5600G APU

The Problem:

After a clean Windows 10 pro install Everything was stable and fine. It took chipset like a champ, but as soon as any AMD driver went in for video it would pop a WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR BSOD. Tried 4-5 different set of drivers. But as soon as any video driver went in, it would get stuck in a boot loop that would require going into safe mode and removing the driver, sometimes using DDU to make sure nothing was left. All the parts are brand new. and I was 99% sure nothing was physically wrong with the hardware. After smacking my head on the table and trying many different suggestions from other forums. I found,

The Fix:

This particular model of ram was telling this motherboard that it needed 1.35v Which was fine until when you install the video driver and the APU starts pulling for its memory needs. I went in the bios (thank you ASUS for providing a bios you can change these things in) and changed the voltage to 1.4V and the whole system stabilized.

This whole thing should probably be on the memories website but I wanted to be sure others using this Motherboard could do a search here and see this.