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What is the average Temp before i7 2600k crashes?

Level 7
According to Asus Suite it was set to 72 degrees when the PC crashed. What is the average temps before it will crash or should I set it to 82 in Fahrenheit or 34-36 degrees Celcius? I thought 34-36 is still low. I am wondering if the crashes are heat relATED. I got a good cooler and not sure why it crashes..... is the settings for AI Suite causing it to pop up and crash?

Level 9
You can run a 2600k at 90c and it wont crash, not recommended but you can do it

Level 7
72c should not be an issue for the 2600K. With the cooler I have now, that comes off tomorrow, it clips 70c under normal heavy loads. Like video encoding. Stress test will push it to 85 or so. All this at 1.5v and 5Ghz. Runs stable as can be.

Level 9
Someone burned his chip out in a week at 1.5v, so be careful. Third hand info though, I read it on a forum somewhere else, but did not follow the link. Maybe have a google, lol. (It might be in that owners club thread on the net, not sure)

Nice to know that temp info, was too lazy to read about that yet.

Level 7
I used T-Probe and it says 35 degree Centigrade but after a few benchmark it crashes.... I am sure if it not the temps. Do I need to disable or 'Uncheck' the warning checkbox in Asus AII suite T-Probe II then?

Level 11
Can be other thing that make your PC crash.