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Weird USB over current ASUS Rampage IV Extreme

Level 7
Hey guys,

I have Asus Rampage IV Extreme motherboard and I am experiencing some weird USB problems.

I want to start by saying that I have 2 GPU , 32gb ram , ASUS phoebus soundcard, 4 SSD ,1200W PowerSupply, Cooler Master Cosmos II cabinet and 5 peripherals connected via USB; ( i just specify the performances to exclude the possibility of draining too much current when I start my computer) Windows 10 OS

I have the following peripherals connected
Razer Keyboard - with RGB lights
Razer Mouse - with RGB lights
Razer Mousepad - with RGB lights
Razer HeadSpeakers - with RGB lights
Web Cam

The problems looks like this:

- First of all : Sometimes when I turn on the computer I get USB Overcurrent status detected and it will shutdown in 15 sec and then I can normally login into windows.

- Second : All USB 3.0 ports are not working, and I realized now that if I disconnect all the ports and enter the windows sometimes the USB 3.0 are working and then I reconnect all the peripherals back in any of the USB ports. Then if I shutdown the computer and start it again, the USB 3.0 ports are not working anymore.

I want also to specify that :

- If my computer is switched off and I click on the keyboard or mouse, they light up and continue to light up until unplug them or switching on the computer and switching back off - which means there is keep draining current even thought the computer is not on(not sure if it's normal or not, I know that some USB ports continue to provide current in case if you charge something or whatever... but all of them?)

- No OC on. I have different profiles for OC made by following some tutorials and test it to the ideal current needed, but usually I run it on default so there is no OC on. Anyway if I activate any of the OC profiles the USB problem is the same.

- I changed the connector of the USB ports attached to the cabinet to another port on the motherboard, and the problem persist.All of my USB ports are enabled from BIOS , i disabled them load into the windows, restart , enabled them back from BIOS.... same problem.

- I also discovered that when i switch on the computer sometimes there is a loss in the system and by this I mean, I play music and I sense a loss in music , disturbances, but also a delay in games OS and everything , something like makes me think the CPU is not handling the processes well.

- I also tried to disconnect the USB peripherals one by one to isolate the problem. Can't find out.

- I updated the bios , and reinstalled the windows recently (Thursday - 03-05-2018). The USB ports 3.0 sometimes were working sometimes not, i cant say it's a windows issue because i can't really figure it out if were working because of the reinstall. My monitor has few additional USB 3.0 ports and is plugged to one of USB ports from the cabinet (via USB Type B - USB Type A 3.0) so like that I can plug my Mouse to one of the monitor USB 3.0 ports. Another weird thing is , it seems like the mouse was connecting/disconnecting multiple times until reboot (this happened on Sunday 06.05.2018, everything was fine with the mouse until then)

- I tried to followup some guides from , because i thought is an Windows Issue. Same thing.

I would like to know if is any way to debug this or find out what is going on. Thank you very much.

P.S getting desperate and frustrated because i dont know if is the motherboard broken , CPU problem, some fked up registry from windows or some of my installed software interconnect with the windows ( something like razer synapse or whatever)