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Weird Buzzing Sound from Motherboard

Level 8
Can anyone help me to identify what causing this weird buzzing sound from the motherboard ?

It will only have this weird sound when gaming. Idling wont have such sound.

I've unplug all speakers and even mute it. I've also taken the PSU out to listen and it's not from there. It's also not from the fan as I tried to disconnect all fan and still have such sound.

So it's confirm from the motherboard.

Anyidea what's casing this weird sound ? and is there anything I should be worried about ?

hello sookainian

The sound is probably coming from your gpu and what you are experiencing is coil whine.

Does it mean it's a normal issue or my is a bad batch ? as I find it pretty loud

I've been seeing a few posts about coil whine with the gtx 900 series cards. It's nothing to be concerned about unless the noise gets louder. But I think it qualifies you for an RMA if you wish to do so.

Level 7
why we cant hear that buzzing when he hold on his camera over the gpu??

@sookainian you are not the first one with that issue:

but it seems you had luck with, that buzzing sounds not that intense like for me or other affected customer:

imho its caused by cpu; you can try to reduce it by fps limit like v-sync etc.

Level 7

Hello I am also experiencing this issue 

Level 7

This is my first super high-end computer build with an RTX 4070 ti and an Intel i9 12900k 

I have found this weird issue when I plug in my speakers into the back of the motherboard through the green audio jack and then I connect the USB power to the motherboard USB port, when I play games or have my graphics card under load you hear these weird buzzing sounds that sound like the coil wine from the graphics card to confirm the sound was coming from the graphics card I was running a program to intentionally adjust the pitch of the coil wine on the graphics card what I could hear when I put my ear near the card, but when I put my ear near the speaker the speaker was also reproducing the exact same sound so that gave me an idea I disconnected the USB from the motherboard and plugged it into an external USB power source. I ran the test, and the buzzing sound was gone So that indicates that there’s a large amount of noise going through the USB power, which is very surprising for motherboard this expensive you would usually only notice this on super cheap laptops. I’ve never had this with a computer tower before there’s obviously some type of issue with a power leakage, or a very cheap power regulator. I also confirmed my myth again by connecting a professional grade oscilloscope tool to a USB cable, and when I put the graphics card underload there was a bunch of unwanted noise and voltage spikes. They’re not high enough to damage any of your electronics but they are something that could definitely shorten the lifespan. This is pretty concerning for a motherboard like this, so I’m thinking that we both have a bad batch of motherboards which I’m not surprised because this is my third replacement motherboard because the other two had broken ram slots or it’s poor engineering this could probably also cause USB drive damage. I think they need to start investigation because this motherboard is having too many problems. The amount of complaints and issues with this people are having is ridiculous